Meet Mara.

Mara is an Athiest who calls yoga her religion, nature her church, and Brene Brown her spiritual leader. She has a strong passion for leading a holistically-healthy life and loves getting her sweat on around the city--yoga, hiking, spin and TRX are all on heavy rotation as she considers herself a sweat generalist. 

A result of her Northern California upbringing, she cultivated a serious appreciation for the beauty of nature and appreciates life’s hectic moments just as much as the stillness. She received her undergraduate degree (a BA in Psychology and Studio Art) from Hampshire College, a school without grades or tests, which had a huge influence on her path through life and helped refine her life philosophy that keeping passion and enthusiasm alive is essential to success and happiness.

Since 2013, she has called Vancouver home, where she has fallen deeply in love with the breathtaking skyline, creative groups of millennials, and the way in which health and fitness is fully integrated into the culture.

She currently manages Content and Community for the Vancouver-based tech startup ShareDesk and their coworking management software Optix.

Her Passions.

Mara has a passion for passion, quite simply put. She feels most alive when she finds herself in the haze of creativity caffeination whilst brainstorming her next big idea. She draws inspiration from the people and places in her life, which motivates her to surround herself with friends and coworkers leaving big lives. A lover of all things food, Mara enjoys cooking and baking and has been known to have an almost religious experience when at the table with great food and the people whom she loves. Oh and sweat. All kinds of sweaty pursuits light her fire and are her favourite cure to help her emerge from a deep funk or rut.

When it comes to work, Mara is a lover of content, using her words to weave a tale of communication which shares her experiences and knowledge with others. She also considers herself an innovation junkie, always considering new and exciting ways to improve efficiency in the day to day operations of systems. 

 A variety of views on one of Mara's favourite hikes in her hometown -- King Mountain in Corte Madera, California.

A Few Fun Facts.

  • As her high school science teacher once told her, she has very "loose ligaments" in her fingers. This means she has a hitchiker's thumb (not as gross as it sounds, look it up) and can bend her right thumb backwards to touch her wrist (about as gross as it sounds...squeamish beware).
  • Mara has apricot miniature poodle named Chloe who shares a birthday with Hitler (April 20th). Chloe currently lives a wonderful life with Mara's parents in California, where she regularly gets mistaken for a puppy due to her unrelenting energy despite being 14 years old.
  • Bellydancing was a regular fixture of her after school extracurriculars in high school. It was instrumental to shaping her body positivity. She performed at local farmer's markets with a teen bellydancing troupe named The Slinky Kinks. Regrettably, Mara claims full responsibility for the name.
  • When Mara was only a few months old, her skull had begun forming with a benign lump. She had it surgically removed (a chunk of her skull was literally cut out of her head and then grew back together), leaving a large scar which she enjoys. She even shaved a section of her head on and off during her university years to expose it. See for yourself.
 Pro-tip: If you're ever feeling a buildup of stress, shaving your head is indescribably cathartic. Seriously. Life-changing.

Pro-tip: If you're ever feeling a buildup of stress, shaving your head is indescribably cathartic. Seriously. Life-changing.