Community Connector

During her time at lululemon, Mara developed a passion and aptitude for enrolling others. This skill was developed largely through her role at lululemon Corte Madera where she served as Class Blitz Coordinator, which involved planning, organizing, and executing a weekly special class free to employees as an opportunity to get out into the community en mass to support our local studios and ambassadors while expanding our local store's brand reach. While the budget at Robson St. didn't allow for a similar free class, Mara continued to be a regular fixture of her local community and attended group classes, organized hikes, participated in cheer stations, and found ways to get out into her community. 

Upon leaving lululemon, Mara took this skill and passion for building and developing community out into the real world, continuing to maintain her relationships cultivated during her time at lululemon and expanding her personal community reach to include businesses such as the lululemon lab as well as The Juice Truck. Mara believes that there is power in numbers and loves the way in which this translates to building a company's reach in a social context.