An avid artist from an early age, Mara truly discovered a passion for drawing during her middle school years. It was her main concentration in college, focusing on a breadth of media including watercolour painting, acrylic painting, sculpture but sought out a depth of study in the category of drawing. Her favourite tool is pen and ink, as she finds that taking away the ability to erase ironically opens up a world of possibilities; freeing oneself from the option take away encourages risk, strategic problem solving, and definitive mark making.

Her primary focus is in representational work rendered in a loose, gestural style and she is particularly enamored with studies of the female form. Her senior thesis project in college explored her artist's experience of the aesthetic beauty and compelling shapes found in observing segments of the female form. The series involved three sub-categories: drawings of her own body done in forced perspective from real life observation, an exploration of the similarities and differences between hands and feet, and drawing macro sections of the body such that they became abstract works of art.

For her more extended portfolio, visit her flickr page.