Food may be essential to life in a literal sense, but Mara considers her passion for enjoying all things food to be just as essential to her life, spiritually speaking. From talking about it to writing about it, from following recipes to free-styling in the kitchen, from a perfect pastry enjoyed alone or a beautiful dimly-lit romantic dinner with her loved ones, Mara loves it all. Food is a culture--those who enjoy all things food are generally pretty great people.

Mara found a love of cooking and baking during her high school years, which she cultivated when left on her own to prepare meals in college. She loved the two different worlds--the rigid, almost meditative quality to baking while following a recipe and having so many known variables was perfectly juxtaposed when experimenting with cooking, throwing ingredients together and tasting as you go.

Nowadays, she has loved exploring the multi-faceted culinary offerings of Vancouver. A creature of habit, Mara finds herself frequenting the same few places often but loves exploring new cuisines and neighborhoods. She's always on the hunt for new, covet-worthy hidden gems.