Founded in 1998, lululemon is an athletic apparel company specializing in creating beautiful, technically-detailed exercise clothing designed for use in run, yoga, and anything in between. In the 15 years since the company opened its first store, lululemon has grown to become a global phenomenon, with stores all across Canada, United States, Austalia, New Zealand and beginning to expand into Europe and Asia. Lululemon's core mission statement is "creating components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives."


June 2012 -- Oct 2014 

Mara was initially hired into the company for a seasonal educator contract in Holiday 2012-2013, in between her final two semesters at college. When she graduated, she returned to work for the company, first a mid-volume store in Corte Madera, California before moving to Vancouver, BC in June 2013 and transferring to the high-volume Robson St. Flagship Store in downtown Vancouver. Roles included:

Educator (both locations). The day to day of the business involved working on the retail floor. This meant stocking product, handling till, greeting guests, educating guests about the technical details of the product, operating the fitting rooms and opening/closing the store.

Product Knowledge Specialist (both locations). With a passion for lululemon's product, Mara naturally fell into a role as a go-to for all things product education. She was a pillar of knowledge for her peers, memorizing years worth of product names, colour codes, and pattern names. At Robson, she designed and executed a product communication board which lived in the back room, a regularly updated guide to all things product knowledge.

Visual Merchandiser (both locations). The visual merchandising team was responsible for regular flips of merchandise as new product entered the store. Mara was an expert in remerchandising: slatwalls, front window displays, mannequin outfit styling, and front table displays. She regularly led the VM team at both store locations, including leading a team of 10 merchandisers to execute a full store flip in preparation for Boxing Day 2013.

Sell Through Strategist (both locations). Head of sell through, Mara was responsible for running weekly reports on sales and turning the data into executable strategies in an effort to celebrate successful hot sellers and increase sales of the less successful slow sellers.This role tied directly into her role on the Visual Merchandising Team.

Photo Shoot Coordinator (Corte Madera). In charge of the planning and execution of photoshoots for our local store's brand ambassadors, Mara's duties included: location scouting, coordinating between photographer and ambassador, choosing on brand outfits and serving as stylist day of, planning the photo shoot day, and assisting the photographer on site.

Design Feedback Specialist (Robson St). Related to her roles in sell through and product knowledge, Mara was responsible for compiling weekly feedback on trends in the Robson Store. Filtered through the ASM in charge of Product, this information was then passed along directly to the designers at the SSC in efforts to keep them aware of how guests were responding to new products.

Expeditor (Robson St). For her final four months at the Robson Street location, Mara worked as an expeditor. Working collaboratively with a small team of three to five members, expeditors would receive boxes of new product and replenishment product, process the boxes, and develop/maintain organizational strategies for product storage in back of house. Mara worked this role as the store relocated from its original location at the corner of Robson and Thurlow to the larger, new location at the corner of Robson and Burrard in August 2014.