Founded in 2011, The Juice Truck is Vancouver's first and original cold-pressed juice company. The Juice Truck originally started as a mobile juice and smoothie truck, delivering on demand cold-pressed juices fresh to customers in the Gastown neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. While the truck still parks in Gastown every day Monday-Saturday, The Juice Truck Cafe--Juice Truck's brick and mortar storefront location--launched in Summer 2014.

Juicer/Shift Leader/Training Developer

September 2014 -- Present

Mara began work at The Juice Truck as a member of the team responsible for operating the storefront and truck locations for the business. Her role expanded to include matters of business development, shift leading, developing training manuals, and conducting market research.

Juicer. Performing the day to day duties or running the store and truck. Positions include juicer(operating the cold-pressed juicers with speed and precision, eyeballing recipes, keeping station clean, prepping produce), smoothie tender (making smoothies, eyeballing recipes, keeping station clean, prepping produce) , and till (handling cash, being the first point of contact for customers, delivering stellar customer service, organizing the list of pending orders and communicating with Juicer and Smoothie Tender).

Shift Leader. Working as a part of the three person team in store or on the truck, additional duties include: driving the food truck to and from Gastown, delegating tasks to other employees, go-to for in the moment problem-solving, leading by example, and cashing out the till and third party processor at the end of the night.

Market Researcher. As Mara makes regular trips home to Northern California, an area with a plethora of juice companies, Mara does store and grocery store visits, conducting research and compiling her findings into reports for the co-owners upon her return.

Training Developer/Product Specialist. Mara worked with the store manager and co-owners to develop a series of training guides in an effort to streamline the onboarding process for new hires. This included creating a product guide for communicating expectations for employees' knowledge of all areas of the business, including sections for: frequently asked questions, juice cleanses, our retail supplement line, smoothies, and juices.